Benedict Cumberbatch’s HAMLET on select screens October 15!


Order tix to special screenings of Benedict Cumberbatch’s HAMLET October 15

My eldest daughter and I have been planning a trip to Britain for over a decade. Our latest “launch” date is early summer 2016. But when we heard a year or so ago that Benedict Cumberbatch was doing a stage Hamlet at the Barbican in the autumn of 2015, we made up our minds that if we could get tickets, we’d build the trip around it.

I circled the tickets-on-sale date on my calendar, prepared to get online early to snatch those tix before they sold out. Which everyone knew they would.

What I underestimated was how quickly they sold out. (I heard 17 minutes). I also forgot the considerable time difference between Oregon and London.

The long and short of it, when I logged on, I was number 30K+ in the queue.


The good news: The good folks at the Barbican had the wisdom to film the production, and it will be shown on select theatres October 15, 2015.

This time, I was on top of it and bought tix for the whole fam and some friends to boot.

Don’t get sold out. Buy tickets in advance at using this link and you’ll be supporting BardMovies while you’re at it! It’s a win-win.)

See you there!

Here’s the official trailer:

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